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Little Sapling Toys

Little Sapling Toys was conceived with strong values that still guide every decision we make as a company. Above all, we wanted to create naturally beautiful, high-quality products that we as parents would feel confident giving our own children.  We believe the best toys encourage children to develop their imagination, foster creativity and learning, and help your little sapling thrive.

Our products designs are simple, beautiful, timeless. We want to create toys that will grow with your child and be staples of their childhood years. Our toys are a wonderful investment in your little sapling’s healthy development, we strive to design our toys to encourage creativity, learning, and skill building. Plus, you can proudly leave our toys strewn around the house because we back up your great style!

We also wanted our company to reflect the importance of our beliefs of contributing to a healthy earth, so we make our company and products as ecologically sustainable and socially responsible as possible. The woods we use are all sustainably harvested in North America and the beeswax and jojoba oil finish we created and use helps make our toys perfectly safe for little mouths. We are proud to support impoverished communities by planting a tree with every toy sold through an amazing program, Trees for the Future!

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