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Mielasiela is founded by Nora & Dainius, two creative people, a family. Parents of two little girls. They live in Lithuania, Northern Europe. For more than 10 years they’ve been working in the graphic design and advertising industry.

The creation of wooden toys was a natural process in their lives. Typically, their first daughter was the inspiration for Mielasiela. They wanted to create safe, ecological, natural and nice, long-lasting toys for her. Wood is perfect for all of those reasons.
At first, designing and crafting our wooden products was just a hobby, but now it’s grown into a small family business.

All of their toys are 100% handmade. The whole process of designing, producing and testing is happening within their family.

Why should you choose Mielasiela products? Because their designs are original, products are natural and of high quality, safe and handcrafted with big love! 

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