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Petit Stellou

17km from downtown Zurich, where the dragonflies tease the carp and the storks find its landing strips on the roofs… Petit Stellou works with passion, dedication and tireless on the overall concept and the creation of their baby products.

Beside altogether five unique children, two great husbands, jack the Cat and ever-growing laundry mountains, the Petit Stellou elephant enriches their everyday life and keeps taking them on a voyage of adventure.

A little love story, which they would like to share with you!

As mompreuneurs, they believe in unconventional paths as well of running a successful business driven by intuition, creativity and fairness, never leaving out the scent of children laughing.

Petit Stellou believes in love and commitment from the very beginning and shares with you the joy of welcoming a baby to the world!

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